Eid al-Adha is almost here! We all know this festival as Bakra Eid, and we can’t help but be excited to celebrate this occasion. It is universally known that Bakra Eid is the day to enjoy juicy mutton delicacies of all kinds. As Indians, we always look for opportunities to indulge in delicious food, and Bakra Eid is the ideal festival for it! Biryani is a must-have during this auspicious occasion, so why not enjoy decadent mutton biryanis with our loved ones! Keeping this in mind, we have found the recipes for seven different kinds of mutton biryanis, each more delicious than the other, that can be prepared to celebrate Bakra Eid 2022!

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Bakra Eid 2022: 7 Mutton Biryani Recipes You Must Try

1. Ambur Mutton Biryani

If you love the south Indian flavours and you love biryani, then you shouldn’t miss Tamil Nadu’s Ambur mutton biryani! A small town in Tirupattur district in Tamil Nadu, Ambur, besides having a sizeable leather industry, is known for its mouth-watering non-vegetarian biryanis.

Click here for the full recipe of Ambur Mutton Biryani.

2. Mutton Goli Biryani

This is not just any other mutton biryani. The preparations call for mutton keema which is further spiced and flavoured into meatballs. The juicy meatballs are fried and layered between biryani rice and finished off with a milk and saffron mixture.

Click here for the full recipe of Mutton Goli Biryani.


3. Awadhi Mutton Biryani

What’s a biryani not cooked in a royal style. A classic from the royal Awadhi kitchen, mutton pieces are cooked to perfection amid fragrant rice. Succulent, marinated mutton is slow-cooked in a melange of roasted spices to make spicy Awadhi biryani.

Click here for the full recipe of Awadhi Mutton Biryani.

4. Keema Biryani

Cook up a storm by combining minced lamb with aromatic spices and crunchy nuts. Keema biryani is the delicious amalgamation of rice with aromatic spices and minced meat, dry fruits and rose water that is a delight to relish.

Click here for the full recipe of Keema Biryani.

hyderabadi biryani at food street

5. Kashmiri Mutton Biryani

Unlike most biryanis that are usually spicy, Kashmiri Biryani draws a different flavour with its sweet and mild taste. The addition of dry fruits, milk and ghee gives it a rich and divine flavour. This recipe uses mutton and is ideal if you’re wanting to treat your guests to a royal feast.

Click here for the full recipe of Kashmiri Mutton Biryani.

6. Mutton Mandi Biryani

Originally an Arabic dish, this biryani has slowly found ways to be included in Bakri-Eid festival all around the world. It is cooked in the mutton stock itself, which is why every bite feels like a piece of flavourful heaven.

Click here for the full recipe of Mutton Mandi Biryani.


7. Classic Mutton Biryani

Last, but not least, the beloved classic mutton biryani! With its succulent and juicy mutton pieces and aromatic masalas, this is one recipe that never fails to impress. Enjoy this biryani with either mirchi ka salan or raita.

Click here for the full recipe of Classic Mutton Biryani.

Try out these recipes and let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section below.

Eid Mubarak!

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