Anushka Sharma has always been vocal about her fondness for food. Whether it’s some exotic dessert or a full-fledged traditional meal, the actress enjoys it all with much zeal and happiness. However, many times, we have seen her gorging on proper authentic South Indian meals. Well, she is back again with another food post of what looks like her favourite cuisine. Anushka started off the week with a super delicious sadya meal. On her Instagram Stories, we saw a picture of her sumptuous lunch served on a banana leaf. The meal, which was served in a banana leaf, featured a couple of rice dishes, accompanied by a range of curries. There were about three different curries cooked with vegetables. One of them seems like avial, a mixed vegetable curry that carries drumsticks. We could also spot some fritters kept on the side. The meal also included various flavourful chutneys (presumably pachadis) and a portion of pickle on the side. Anushka wrote, “Finger-licking delicious vegetarian meal.”  

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Take a look:


Well, if Anushka Sharma’s delicious meal made you slurp, it’s time for you to try out some amazing South Indian dishes. Don’t you think? Here’s a lit of about five popular recipes from the southern part of India that you must try making.

1) Kerala vegetable stew

This is one healthy dish that carries the goodness of vegetables cooked with a bunch of spices. The distinct taste of coconut milk used while making this recipe adds a new flavour to the delicacy. Make this today itself and we hope you’ll like the taste.      



2) Kerala-style avial

This is a wholesome curry prepared with vegetables like raw banana, ash gourd, drumsticks, yam and coconut of course.  Avial is absolutely delectable and is enjoyed with plain steamed rice. Although it originated in Kerala, it’s equally popular in Tamil Nadu and Udupi.

3) Rasam

This is a popular stew usually prepared in the southern parts of the country. It’s watery and not exactly as thick as sambar. It hardly takes about thirty minutes to get ready. You can either drink it like a soup or enjoy it with rice. It’s made with tur daal, pepper and tomatoes.


4) Gongura pachadi

If you are fond of chutneys or pickles that amp up your meal in no time, do try out gongura pachadi. The recipe uses gongura leaves, tamarind, onion and spices that give you a burst of flavours. Usually eaten as a side dish, this pachadi will surely make your meal interesting.

5) Coconut rice

Also known as Thenga choru, coconut rice is loved by South Indians. This is an easy-to-cook recipe that will help you prepare this rice dish within half an hour of time. Coconut rice is light, tasty and savoury.  


Hope you like the recipes. Do let us know how you like it whenever you try preparing the dishes at home next.

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