As stunning and beautiful as Kashmir is, there is something equally enchanting about its food. We love to indulge in that rich dum aloo, yakhni, Kashmiri biryani, and more. There is something so delicious about each dish that we simply can’t get enough of it! And it seems like Anupam Kher also has a soft corner for a yummy Kashmiri feast. Anupam Kher is a major fan of Indian cuisine, as you may know, if you follow him on social media. Wherever he goes, he makes it a point to share his culinary adventures with his 4.6 million followers on Instagram. The actor is constantly gushing about Indian food, whether he is in India or travelling abroad. For those who don’t know, Anupam Kher hails from Kashmir, and dishes from his native state frequently appear on the actor’s daily home-cooked menu. Recently as Anupam Kher was on a shoot, he made some time out and dug into a Kashmiri feast.

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Sharing a video on his Instagram, Anupam Kher showed us his meal. On the table, you can spot steamed rice, chicken curry, mutton curry, dum aloo, raita, chutney, some fried nibbles, and more. In the video, the actor can be heard saying, “Kashmiri food after a long time.” Then he proceeds to thank everyone who made this food for him. Even in his story, he mentions, “Thank you, Deepak Dhar and family! #Kashmirifood.” Take a look at his story here:


As we said earlier, Anupam Kher is a big foodie and often shares his culinary adventures; it seems like the actor is particularly fond of Kashmiri cuisine. In one of his earlier videos, he was again devouring a range of Kashmiri dishes. There were six delectable items on the dinner table. We saw a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, including Matz (Kashmiri mutton kofta) and steaming rice, along with dum aloo, yellow paneer, palak, and rogan josh. You can read all about it here.

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As the actor keeps sharing his foodie diaries with his fans, we can’t wait to see what will be next on his table. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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