As kids, we would fantasize about a world made of chocolate, with rivers filled with liquid chocolate and trees giving candies as fruit! Then the famous author Roald Dahl birthed this idea into a wonderful story – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. If you have seen the movie or read the book, then you’d know that the story is about a boy who was invited to a factory that is made from edible chocolates and candies. Imagine, if someone recreated that very chocolate factory in real life, what would be your reaction? For many, it may just be dream come true! And guess what, one man did achieve this chocolatey dream!

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A rock-climbing wall made of candy, chocolate rivers, marshmallow walls, and toilets made of cake – almost every element of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is made of dessert! But it doesn’t stop there. The factory also has a soda bottle as tall as the building. Created by US-based YouTuber Mr Beast, the chocolate factory has been designed to become a contest where multiple contestants participate to win the Chocolate Factory, just like the Roald Dahl story. Take a look:

The challenges included all kinds of bizarre things like climbing the candy wall, throwing arm-sized mentos into the soda bottle, identifying a toilet made of cake, eating a huge chocolate bar and more. That’s not all, the final challenge was a dessert-making contest judged by none other than the celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay! People were just shocked and amused by his appearance in the challenge. The video has gone viral and it now has 24 million views and 169k likes! This snippet was uploaded by the Youtuber on his Facebook page.

Here’s what people commented about this chocolate factory challenge:

“I can’t believe Gordon Ramsay is in this game”

“Can’t believe Gordon Ramsay is in this I laughed so hard”

“I love how Gordon Ramsay is there to judge those guys desserts. It’s nice to see how he is willing to partake in these challenges. It’s awesome!”

“Not gonna lie Gordon Ramsay just made me laugh, fair play”

“I would absolutely love to do a challenge”

Would you want to take part in this challenge? Do tell us in the comments section below what you think about it.

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