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The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) highlights the value that all methodologies used in nutrition research contribute to the discipline, and that all methodologies, when used and interpreted appropriately, contribute to the evidence base. This is imperative to make informed decisions such as in policy development and implementation. The white paper, “Valuing the Diversity of Research Methods to Advance Nutrition Science,” was published today in Advances in Nutrition.

As ASN President Martha Belury, Ph.D., RD, stated, “All methods in nutrition science complement one another in order to advance health and well-being.” The ASN Board of Directors commissioned development of this white paper following growing polarization within the nutrition science community and among the audiences that translate and apply nutrition research. Differences of opinion are often shaped as conflicts when they should be considered as areas of needed collaboration.

“This paper highlights the strengths, limitations and interpretations of the many methods used in nutrition science and how they work synergistically,” said Nutrition Research Task Force co-chair and ASN Past President Richard Mattes, Ph.D., RD.

Co-chair Sylvia Rowe noted that “this paper will be useful not only for nutrition researchers and other nutrition professionals but can lead to improved understanding of nutrition research methods by audiences that translate nutrition research findings, such as journalists, educators, clinicians, and policymakers.”

Heterogeneity identified in global kidney nutrition care

More information:
Richard Mattes et al, Valuing the Diversity of Research Methods to Advance Nutrition Science, Advances in Nutrition: An International Review Journal (2022). DOI: 10.1093/advances/nmac043

American Society for Nutrition promotes diversity of research methods to advance nutrition science (2022, July 8)
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