Whether it is fitness, business, or life in general, finding and working with a mentor should be a priority in 2019. The mentorship that comes from being an OSG affiliate has been tremendously beneficial in my first year as a gym owner. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own gym, I encourage you to pursue the OSG affiliate program. With this, you will have access to three of the best mentors in the business. Netty, Dustin, and Cory are already very successful in this space, who better to learn from? If you are ready to own a real gym, visit oldschoolgym.com and go to the affiliate tab.

Below are some tips for working with a mentor.

  1. Be prepared and eager to learn- When someone is successful, that likely means they are very efficient and careful with their time. You have to realize that time is one of their most valuable assets, and if they are willing to give you their time, then you better make the most of it. Be observant, take notes, ask questions.
  2. Take action- This is critical, many people acquire knowledge, but stop there. Actually utilizing the knowledge is what will make you successful. This applies to reading, podcasts, seminars, and especially to mentorships. Your mentor has already been in your shoes, they have found what works and what doesn’t. Use this to your advantage, put their knowledge into action for your work, training, or business.
  3. Have something to offer- Use a skill you have to offer your mentor something in return, work for them for free, or even pay them. You have to remember that this will be an investment for your future. The mentorship may cost you something now but is going to put your steps ahead in the future.


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