When Eid festivities arrive, we all look forward to relishing that amazing feast on the day! We see our entire family cleaning the house, taking out new clothes, and preparing delicious spreads. Even though many people have different ways of celebrating Eid, the meal stays constant. And it seems like Bipasha Basu, too, relished a wholesome spread to mark the day. Bipasha Basu is one of those celebrity foodies whom we relate to the max. She loves indulging in all kinds of food, and her social media is a proof of that. In fact, Bipasha is also a home cook. Seeing her cooking skills, her husband and actor Karan Singh Grover has lovingly named her Chef Bonnies Deli! Recently, the actress shared a glimpse of her Eid feast, which has undoubtedly left us craving more of these delights!

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Taking to Instagram, Bipasha Basu shared a snapshot of her Eid meal. Actress Aamna Sharif and her husband, Amit Kapoor, sent this meal to Bipasha. On the table, you can spot a plateful of biryani, bowls of two kinds of dal, kheer, salad, fried onions, greens, lemon wedges, and fresh-baked pieces of bread. In the story, the actress wrote, “Thank you @aamnasharifoffical and @iamamitkapoor for scrumptious Eid yumminess.” Take a look at her story below:


Aamna Sharif sent this meal to Bipasha Basu

Earlier than this, Bipasha had also shared about her iftar meal when Ramadan ended. Even then, her friend Aamna Sharif had sent her the meal! Bipasha posted a photo of her dining table, which was adorned with a variety of delicacies. A platter containing chicken biryani, mutton biryani, what appears to be chicken gravy, salad, and dessert – are all visible. “Thank you @aamnashariffofficial for Eid yumminess,” she wrote in the story. You can read all about it here.

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As Bipasha blesses us with her foodie adventures, we can’t wait to see what will be next in her story! What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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