It’s been a difficult couple of years. People are experiencing anxiety about macro events including everything from political stress, to social, racial, and justice battles, to a global pandemic — and now, we’re grappling with a war abroad. So, if you’re feeling a heightened sense of anxiety about war today, we can assure you, you’re not alone. 

War anxiety could be expected any time great conflict occurs in the world, but given the fact that this war in particular is happening during one of the most collectively stressful times in recent history, it makes sense if you feel like you’re struggling a bit more lately. Whether you’re scared about the Ukraine conflict or the idea of a World War III, your distress, fear, and anxiety are valid.

With the right tools and information, however, it is possible for you to learn coping techniques to deal with anxiety. The tips below can be useful if you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and anxious about the looming uncertainty and fear that often comes with war. 

Keep reading to learn more on how to deal with anxiety about war. 


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