Are you interested in expanding your kids yoga and mindfulness skills? Do you want to be a part of a community that cares about one another and is always there to build you up? These are just two of the many reasons to consider joining the Summer or Fall 95-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Cohort! Here are seven benefits of taking one of our trainings, centering members of our community who have benefited. 


1. Create unique programming

Flow and Grow training graduates gain the skills to create unique programming based in their own diverse skillsets and experiences. Brittany Stockwell, aka “The Purple Violinist”, is a key example here. She graduated from the Spring 2020 95-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Following that, she’s incorporated yoga and mindfulness into her preexisting business, where she offers music lessons to children. This summer, she is combining her love of music and mindfulness to create a unique program for ages 8-17. Learn more from her website!

Brittany Stockwell, aka “The Purple Violinist”


2. Up your professionalism

So many people that have gone through our 95-hour training are making an impact online, in person, and across the globe. In the process, they’re enhancing their professionalism and bolstering their purpose out there. A key example — Mindful Movers is a project of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training graduate Kathryn Boland (she was also part of the Spring 2020 cohort).

Like Brittany, Kathryn is applying her unique life experiences and skillsets (as a dancer and Dance/Movement Therapist) with the help of the tools Flow and Grow Kids Yoga has offered her. The project’s mission is to foster holistic wellness, collaboration, creativity and harmony in dancers and dance communities through yoga, mindfulness, and social/emotional learning. Learn more from the website!

When you join the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga community, you are surrounded by pediatric clinicians, yoga teachers, educators, and others with amazing experience and potential. Through inspiring each other to grow, we make each other better, professionally and as people! 

Kathryn in an Extended Side Angle Pose  


3. Learn more about who you really are

There is no singular path to take once you take a kids yoga teacher training. My favorite part about the course is that people get to discover who they are and find how this work can apply meaningfully in their lives.

Bonnie, who took our 95-Hour YTT, is starting to teach Equestrian Yoga! Her first student is sixteen years old and has never done yoga. They start with a pre-lesson yoga class, set intentions, journal. Bonnie is using this as a sort of second career; she was an entrepreneur for thirty years!

Our course is very popular as a retirement pivot — because while in that phase of life people still want to give back and make an impact, stay active, and remain centered in community. In kids yoga and mindfulness, one can work reduced hours or volunteer in their free time. It’s a very flexible way to create an income stream, make an impact and stay feeling fulfilled!

Bonnie with her Equestrian Yoga student


4. Reach children and families 

Our trainings give you the know-how and tools to live your passions, such as serving children and families. Holly Norton Mazza, a member of the Fall 2021 Foundations of Yoga Teacher Training cohort, usually works at the YMCA as an early childhood educator. She does children’s programming and activities in person.

However, with the Y being closed, she has taken her yoga expertise and transformed her programming into private classes held over zoom — focusing on calmness, anxiety reduction, and gratitude. Holly wanted to give children a place where they could understand difficult feelings — like confusion and anxiety — and begin to find peace. She has the cutest class themes and has reached tons of families!

For more information on Holly, email her at [email protected]. Holly’s experience with our trainings also brings up an important point — if you are curious about kids yoga but aren’t sure if the full 95-hour training is for you, you can join us for the 18-hour Foundations course — just like Holly did — and then decide whether to continue on. Everyone’s journey is different. We want your growth to be flexible, attainable, and right for you! 

Holly teaching a themed class over Zoom 


5. Get a mentor who really cares 

Did you know that 89 of the 95 hours of our 95-Hour Yoga Teacher Training are done “in person” (over Zoom) with Lara? This means that through the entire program you have a mentor that cares before, during and after the training!

When you sign up for the 95-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Lara talks to each participant individually over the phone or Zoom before the course starts. Additionally, she remains in contact with each participant regularly throughout the course, and reviews three hours of each participant teaching with feedback.

During the Business Course, more specifically, Lara really helps people envision what they want to do in the field. Lara ensures that each person leaves with a portfolio and the confidence to lead in the industry in a way that is authentic to them. Imagine getting feedback on every moment of your teaching portfolio to highlight your strengths and target your growth areas! 

Ava Dussault, who still assists Flow and Grow Kids Yoga with social media content, demonstrates this growth from Lara’s mentorship. Soon after graduating, she began a kids yoga and mindfulness company — with her mom — called 2 Mindful Girls. Lara and Ava remain close friends and colleagues to this day. What would you like to learn with Lara? How would you like to be supported? 

Ava teaching for KidPass through Flow and Grow Kids Yoga


6. Make new friends 

Want to make lifelong friends? Find them in the 95-Hour Yoga Teacher Training! Colleen Torrice, for example, is a member of the Winter 2020-21 95-Hour Yoga Teacher Training cohort — and has made incredible friends in her cohort and in the Flow and Grow Community in general. The community has a Facebook group where many people share their ideas, success stories, and even collaborate!

Colleen mostly has been doing Zoom yoga, where she teaches early childhood students. She loves incorporating kindness and love into her classes by using songs, books, crafts, and poses. She hopes for her children to spread joy and kindness to their community and give back!

Colleen Torrice, joyful in friendships

and living her purpose


7. Create a new income stream 

Do you want to create a new or additional income stream? Many members of the 95-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training do just that! Tina Kan, member of the Fall cohort, started her own yoga business after graduating — Peach Blossom Yoga! Tina does both kids yoga programming and adult classes.

Through COVID, she has been teaching kids across all age groups. Everything is done on Zoom, and class sizes are small (max 10 participants). She is currently teaching an SEL series for kids ages 2-7 all about helping out, animal friends, and experiencing big emotions. She is also exploring the chakras for tween groups. Check Tina out at @peachblossomyoga on Instagram!

Tina in one of the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teacher training Zoom sessions 


Are you thinking that one of our trainings could make a big difference for you, all of these benefits considered? Our next 95-hour training begins of June 22nd — register here! Take the whole training, individual courses, or mix-and-match as you think would best serve you (that’s what matters most to us!). Questions? Concerns? Email Lara at [email protected] or schedule a call with her here


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