Do you ever roll out your mat, get all ready to practice yoga, but don’t know what poses to do? Sometimes we all get bored of doing the same flows, the same classes, or the same YouTube videos over and over again.

So why not play a little asana roulette to inspire a more unique and diversified yoga session?

Yoga dice do just that by creating a game of chance with yoga poses. Whether for yoga lovers, kids’ yoga, or yoga teachers trying to spice up their class sequences, yoga dice add a surprisingly playful and creative energy to your practice.

We decided to check out the top 5 best yoga dice sets available online for infusing some creativity into your practice.

What are Yoga Dice?

Yoga dice offer a fun way to spice up your yoga practice or create a fun activity for the family. They are basically wooden blocks with different yoga asanas engraved or painted on each side of a cube. Using an included guide book, you can literally roll the dice to design a chance yoga sequence from scratch.

This unique gift is perfect for yoga lovers, beginner yogis, new yoga teachers, or for getting kids involved in yoga. A yoga dice set can roll virtually endless possible combinations of poses to inspire new sequences and experiments on the mat.

No more overthinking your yoga practice or your class sequences. Roll the dice and let the universe (or luck) decide which asanas you land on. Arrange the wooden blocks and you’re ready to flow.

Yoga Dice Quick Picks

  1. Best Overall: Chronicle Books Yoga Dice Set
  2. Best Yoga Dice Gift Set: Zinsk Yoga Dice in Engraved Wooden Gift Box
  3. Best Meditation Dice Gift: Chronicle Books Mindfulness Dice
  4. Best Colorful Asana Dice: Asana Moon Premium Yoga Dice
  5. Best Yoga Dice for Kids: ThinkFun Yoga Dice Game for Boys and Girls

Top 5 Best Yoga Dice Sets

Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice, Thousands of Possible Combinations! (Meditation Gifts, Workout Dice, Yoga for Beginners, Dice Games, Yoga Gifts for Women)

Best Overall

#1 – Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice, Thousands of Possible Combinations! (Meditation Gifts, Workout Dice, Yoga…

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Whether giving a gift or buying for yourself, this is the classic original mindfulness and yoga dice set. It includes seven wooden dice that are about 1.25″ (about the size of a kid’s alphabet block) and printed with 5 poses and a chakra on each die. Each of the blocks in this yoga dice set represents a different asana category, for example, “sun salutation”, “standing”, and “core”.

The corresponding instructional book provides a nice pose image, name, and explanation of how to do it. The chakra sides have more in-depth entries explaining the chakra name, symbol, and associated poses. This brand also offers workout dice for sequencing full-body workouts.

Some yoga studios use this dice set to get thematic ideas for their next classes. They’ll have a teacher close their eyes and pick a dice, then use that asana category as inspiration for their next sequence.

At a super affordable price, this set of high-quality wooden dice holds endless inspiration for combining yoga poses into new sequences to keep things fresh on the mat. This is also a great set for kids because the blocks are so large and durable.

  • Very affordable price point
  • High quality wooden dice
  • Durable for rolling
  • 1.25″ in size
  • Images clearly depicted in blue ink
  • Corresponding simple instructional book
  • 35 total poses
  • Canister case is not very durable
  • Not enough poses for some people to use daily
Eight 1.25 Inch Yoga Dice in Engraved Wooden Gift Box - Just Roll to Create a Unique Full-Body Yoga Fitness Routine in Seconds - Improve Flexibility and Feel Better with Quick Yoga Workouts

Best Yoga Dice Gift Set

#2 – Eight 1.25 Inch Yoga Dice in Engraved Wooden Gift Box – Just Roll to Create a Unique Full-Body Yoga…

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When it comes to affordable yoga gifts, everyone has received a cheap mat or some mala beads, but what about getting creative with an aesthetically-pleasing yoga dice gift set?

This all-wood set is natural and raw, with cubes that have a total of 48 different asanas. Each wooden cube is about 1.25″ that can easily be rolled and arranged to put a relaxing and unique twist on any yoga practice.

The cubes generate endless combinations of sequences that are accessible for all skill levels. They help switch up a yoga routine with a variety of asanas some people haven’t tried before.

  • Attractive, durable wooden gift box engraved with a lotus flower
  • Portable, easy storage container for the box
  • Perfect secret Santa (or similar) gift for anyone who enjoys yoga
  • Black ink poses on the blocks
  • 48 asanas
  • No instructional booklet included
  • Text may be too small for some people
Chronicle Books Mindfulness Dice

Best Meditation Dice Gift

#3 – Chronicle Books Mindfulness Dice

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Meditation gifts can be challenging once you’ve exhausted the classic meditation bench, singing bowl, meditation candles, or yoga bolster. If you know someone who is trying to delve into meditation or mindfulness and you want to give them a thoughtful (but affordable) gift, this dice set is a super unique option under $25.

It comes with 6 wooden dice and an instruction book with 36 soothing mindfulness meditations. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing, cute. and colorful. With a variety of simple grounding practices, this dice set is fun to use and interactive for individuals or families with kids.

Just roll the dice (perhaps ask a question) and find what you need. Dice include things like “ujayi breath”, “nature walk”, or “find forgiveness” plus an associated practice in the booklet.

  • Affordable price point
  • Cute aesthetic packaging
  • Six wooden cubes
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices listed on each side
  • Includes instructional booklet
  • Great for beginners or young people
  • Very simplistic
  • Experienced meditators or yogis may quickly go through the available practices
Asana Moon Premium Yoga Dice – One of the Truly Unique Yoga Gifts for Women or Any Yoga Lover – Yoga Stuff for Teachers and Yogis – Yoga Game and Gift Idea for Instructors and Meditation Practitioners

Best Colorful Asana Dice

#4 – Asana Moon Premium Yoga Dice – One of the Truly Unique Yoga Gifts for Women or Any Yoga Lover –…

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These colorful acrylic dice are perfect for keeping your private yoga practice interesting without having to constantly go to studio classes. You can roll the dice to get some inspiration for beginner or intermediate level poses arranged in a randomized or strategic sequence.

These dice are very aesthetically pleasing and color-coded to coincide with the 7 major chakras. The 6 poses on each cube are associated with the chakra category and color-coordinated with the brochure that explains how to do them. You also get a nice linen drawstring bag that is perfect for taking on the go or giving as a gift.

  • Perfect gift
  • Affordable price point
  • Very clear images of poses
  • Great for beginners or adding pose diversity for any skill level yogi
  • Linen carrying bag
  • Vibrant colors coincide with the 7 chakras
  • Eight 1″ acrylic dice
  • Includes instructional booklet
  • 48 poses
  • Dice are small and may be hard to see
  • Some poses are not in the brochure
ThinkFun Yoga Dice Game for Boys and Girls Ages 6 and Up - Learn Yoga With a Game

Best Yoga Dice for Kids

#5 – ThinkFun Yoga Dice Game for Boys and Girls Ages 6 and Up – Learn Yoga With a Game

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This fun set of 6 yoga dice and a playing board offer an excellent way to teach yoga to kids. The 6 yoga pose dice, 6 pose tokens, 1 breathe-die, 1 focus token, and 1 yoga mat game track make yoga into an educational game.

Like most dice games for kids, this set is best for kids 6 and up who can use some critical thinking skills and practice teamwork.

How do you play yoga dice?

Basically, each player rolls the dice and choose a pose to hold together. If everyone can hold the pose for as long as the number of breaths rolled on the breath eie, then they move their token further along the yoga mat.

If they roll a focus symbol, they may lose some of their focus and the focus token moves forward. At the end, the team is trying to move the pose tokens to the finish line before the Focus token gets there. The game is interactive, simple, and stimulating for both mind and body.

  • Super affordable
  • Colorful cartoon yoga illustrations
  • Beginner-friendly poses
  • Yoga game mat track
  • Game bag for portability
  • Easy instructions
  • Interactive mind-body stimulation
  • Very popular in schools
  • Only 6 dice included
  • May not work as well for older kids


What are yoga dice used for?

Yoga dice can be used to get creative with your yoga practice and try out new poses, or they can be an interactive game for children learning about fun stretching methods and relaxation. They are also perfect gifts for a yoga lover.
These dice sets offer a quick relaxing yoga session without too much thought about what poses you have to do. It’s all up to chance!

What is a unique affordable yoga gift?

Beginner or experienced yogis will love a little yoga dice set that adds new combos of poses and orders of sequences to their yoga practices. Yoga dice are very cheap and cute, making them the perfect gift for a yoga lover in your life.


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