If you are someone who always searches for quick, easy and delectable food options, sandwiches, burgers and rolls are a few recipes that must be making a regular occurrence on your plate. However, having a certain kind of food every day is quite mundane. Our taste buds and stomach demand for something unique and experimental; Isn’t it? Here we bring you one more option that can be perfect to accompany with your evening cuppa. Yes, you read it, right! We have shortlisted 5 chicken wrap recipes that can jazz up your evening meal within a matter of minutes. These tempting chicken wraps come with a delish chicken stuffing that are sure to get you hooked. Wondering how to make them? Have a look.

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Here’s A List Of 5 Chicken Wrap Recipes You Must Try

Hazelnut Asian Lettuce Wrap: Our Recommendation

Chicken cooked in zesty sauce with hazelnuts, coleslaw and wrapped up in the romaine leaves. If you love Asian cuisine, this Asian recipe is definitely a must have! Find the complete recipe of Asian lettuce wrap here.


Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Lettuce leaves filled with a lip-smacking filling of minced chicken, vegetables and tangy plum sauce. Quick, easy and impressive, this recipe is enough to tantalize your taste buds. Click here for the recipe of spicy chicken lettuce wrap.

lettuce roll

Chicken Shawarma Wrap

Chicken grilled in a yogurt marinade, wrapped up in pita bread and served with tahini or mayonnaise. This snack seems like the perfect dish for your evening binge eating. Click here for the recipe of chicken shawarma.


Chicken Fajita Wrap

The all-time favourite Mexican wrap, Chicken Fajita, is a super delicious recipe loved by all. You can prepare this wrap recipe in just a few minutes and can also give this in lunch to your kids. It is healthy, indulgent and super quick to make. Find the recipe for chicken fajita here.

chicken fajitas

Chicken Burrito

Lastly, we bring an easy recipe of chicken burrito that all Mexican food fans love to order at Mexican restaurants. It is quite surprising how we never realized that we could easily make this dish at our own home with some simple steps and easily available ingredients. Click here for the recipe of chicken burritos.


Now that you know all the recipes, it’s time for you to experiment with them at home. Let us know which one turned out to be your favourite one. Happy Snacking!

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