Every once in a while, we decide to go out with our whole family and treat them to something delicious. More than food, it’s about spending quality time with our loved ones. However, no matter how many times we go out to have something decadent, we all have heard our moms saying that they could make this at home. And as soon as they say it, the entire family banter begins around food. Recently, an Instagram user by the name of Rahul Bairollu shared one such experience with his mother. Her reaction is too relatable to miss.

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As Rahul posted a short reel on Instagram, he showed his mother getting some ice cream. Then, when he reveals the price of the ice cream and says it is for INR 300, his mother says, “Acha lag raha hai, 300 rupay ka char din ka bhaji aajata (Its good, we could have gotten four days’ worth of vegetables in 300 rupees).” In the post’s caption, Rahul also mentioned, “Kabhi apne parents ko expensive cheezo ke price maat batana. (Never tell the price of expensive things to your parents.)” Take a look at his video here:

Ever since the video was posted, it has gained massive attention with 3.9 million views, 343K likes, and hundreds of comments. Many of the users found this relatable and commented on the post. One person said, “Every India mom ever.” Another person said, “Comparing prices never stops.” Another person said, “This is so true; my mother also says the same.”

Many people also commented saying that the ice cream did not look worth INR 300. A user commented, “Really waste of money; you need to stop this.” Another person said, “To be honest, that should not be more than INR 50, and you wasted vegetables worth three days.” Someone also said, “Aunty is right. In 300 rupees, you can get three ice-cream bricks.”

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One person also mentioned a relatable experience they had with their mother and wrote, “I bought a burger which is very famous in our locality and ate it with my mother. She said, in this price, we can get 1 kg of potatoes.”

Have you experienced such things with your mother? Let us know in the comments below!

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