There are so many pasta salad recipes, chicken salads and BBQ ideas for the summer we often forget about rice salads. Here are three rice salads I think you will enjoy. Each are very different in flavours but popular with readers so if you have not tried them yet then I think you really should consider it.

When thinking of rice dishes we often think of savoury rice at buffets, with peas and small chunks of vegetables on a large tray decorated with lettuce leaves and halves tomatoes. Rice salads can be like that but they really do not need to be that boring! Here are three rice salads you are sure to love.

Jollof rice

If you love chilli and spices then this is definitely a rice dish you need to try. It originates from Nigeria and can also be called jollaf rice but either way it is the same dish. It is a staple meal in west Africa and could soon become a staple meal for your family during heatwaves!

The recipe, if making it the Nigerian way, uses long grain rice but you can use basmati or another rice if it is all you have in the cupboards. The main other ingredients are tomatoes, red peppers, onions and a scotch bonnet chilli.

jollof rice
Nigerian jollof rice

Chicken rice salad

If you prefer a more neutral flavour dish for all the family than the spicy jollof I recommended above then this chicken rice salad could be perfect.

This recipe simply uses brown rice, chicken, red grapes, spring onion, balsamic vinegar, an orange and a red chilli. It would be easy to omit the chilli if preferred and swap to white rice. I always say it is better to save money and use what you have in the cupboards if you can.

Caribbean rice

Fruity rice dishes really are perfect in my opinion and this Caribbean rice with Jamaican flavours is absolutely perfect for the summer. It is really refreshing and filling at the same time. You could enjoy it with Jerk chicken or Jerk Quorn (or other vegetarian/vegan alternative) if you like or it is equally tasty on it’s own.

The dish is best cold and used within 2 days of making so be sure to enjoy it quickly before the fruit goes off. It is easy to make though so you can make it again and again!

Other recipes you might enjoy

If these are the kind of recipes you enjoy then here are a few others I would highly recommend.

Mango couscous is quite similar to the Caribbean rice above but is perfect for the summer and to enjoy when there is a heatwave and you just want something cold and refreshing.

Mango couscous
Mango couscous

Fajitas are a great summer meal if you can tolerate the heat when cooking the meat for them. My chicken fajitas recipe in the oven are really easy though and after just 30 minutes they are cooked without slaving over a hot hob. You could enjoy them with some homemade dips.

Oven sheet pan fajitas
Oven sheet pan fajitas

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