I have shared with you before all my tips for choosing healthy meals and drinks when eating out on a diet but sometimes we don’t want to choose the healthiest option. We just want to choose avoid the worst options and go for something we love that isn’t too terrible! I hope these tips on what to avoid when eating out on a diet help you.

Foods to avoid

These are the foods I would highly recommend you avoid if you are trying to stay reasonably healthy whilst eating out.

Chips or fries

Most meals have a carbohydrate option whether that be potatoes, rice or pasta. We all know that oil is not great for weight loss so anything fried is not idea.

Avoiding chips and fries means you are avoiding those deep-fried options and are likely to have something better such as boiled potatoes.

Creamy sauces

If you don’t want to check the calories on a meal or they are not available a simple trick, especially at an Italian, is to avoid creamy sauces and choose tomato-based sauces instead.

Unlimited of anything except salad

I know what you are thinking, why not make the most of that unlimited option, you are paying for it, right? The answer is no, don’t choose anything with an unlimited option unless it is salad!

It is far too easy to overeat and even if you choose healthy lean meats you will still eat more than you need and eating more means more calories than you burn which ultimately leads to weight gain!

Avoid sauces and dressings

If you have a meal with any kind of sauces or dressings then try to have those separately in a jug. This way you can choose to avoid them altogether or at least only have what you need.


Do you really need a started? It is very rare that you actually need one so why not avoid it altogether? If you really must have something then grab a simple green salad or a coffee perhaps to enjoy whilst others have their starter?

Drinks to avoid

When you eat out, you of course need a drink too. Here are the ones I highly suggest you avoid when eating out, or at the very least limit the amount of them you have.

Beer or lager

Beer or lager is really high in calories so if you want to drink alcohol it is probably one of the worst to choose on a diet. That said if you must have it have bottles or half-pints instead of pints as they are smaller so you are at least drinking less!


Cider is becoming more and more popular with brands like Kopparberg, Old Mout and many more taking over the bars with different flavoured ciders. Cider is high in calories and sugar so really should be avoided if you can.

Again if you really can not avoid it then consider smaller bottles or half-pints. You could even consider sharing each bottle with a friend and pouring over ice as most cider bottles are 500ml which is just under a pint!


Syrups in coffees, cocktails, fizzy drinks etc often are full of sugar and not necessary when you could drink it plain or perhaps opt for something a little healthier.


I imagine this one should go without saying, milkshakes are incredibly high in calories and fats with usually lots of sugar and cream or ice cream in them they should be avoided at all costs in my opinion! Especially those huge freakshakes!

Fancy Cocktails

Cocktails are nice and shouldn’t all be avoided but be sure to check what is in them and make amendments if possible. For example, My favourite is a Black Russian but I always ask for it with a diet coke instead of normal coke to save lots of unnecessary calories. Avoid any cocktails with cream, syrups such as grenadine, and similar.

What are your favourite meals or what do you avoid when eating out? Are there any tips you need to make them a little more healthily or even to make them yourself at home?

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